Collection 05

Photography by Marek Chorzepa

Collection 04

The designer Mikolaj Sokolowski reminisced sinking his feet in the warm sands, inhaling the smell of Baltic seas and feeling its cold breeze brushing through the strands of his hair.
The souvenir of Polish seaside and the dune in Leba inspired this Spring Summer 2021 collection. 

For Mikolaj Sokolowski, the Baltic Sea doesn’t just have a sentimental value, it also provides rich resource of minerals such as amber and iodine that can benefit the minds and health.
This leads to his choice of warm and natural colors for the collection: sand beige like dune, salt white like sea foams, curcuma in tie & dye technique like ray of sun.
With help of polish graphic designer Nicola Cholewa he creates an all over amber print OEKO-TEX certified.
A little touch of hand embroidered amber stones and personalized drawstrings on organic jersey pieces add a romantic and almost fragile feel to the collection.

All the pieces in the collection were handmade entirely by the designer himself during the covid-19 lockdown in Paris: from pattern making, tie & dye to cutting and sewing the garments. The embroideries were made by Jeremy Koubi – Chardon Savard student. Production will be based on pre-order to eliminate excess fabric waste and to maintain the craftmenship. 

Photography by Axel Demazières

Collection 03

Photography by Balint Barna

Collection 02
Lato w Kato

Photography by Romain Laprade

Collection 01

Photography by Tori Ferenc